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Case Study:

Saving time and money: a seamless booking, billing and MI experience

Our client, a multi-national legal firm, contacted MYTAS to ask for their help in sourcing and providing cost effective accommodation for their partners and senior executives on secondment.

With over 100 Personal Assistants (PA) sourcing and setting up medium to long-term accommodation for their principals, the firm recognised that they needed to centralise operations to leverage the economies of scale, reduce the administrative burden and provide consistency in accommodation standards across the organisation.

After a thorough and comprehensive implementation programme with the newly formed central services, MYTAS provided information and advice to the PAs on how to book and review MYTAS accommodation that met the specific requirements of their principals.

Initially, the PAs sought estimates of the all-inclusive costs for the location and type of property being sought to ensure value for money. These estimates were then used to inform the firm’s client on the expected expenses they would be incurring, together with the principals fees, which proved very useful for Purchase Order processing.

The MYTAS team were instructed by the PAs, with Central Services kept informed of bookings, costs and property and service standards being applied. The MYTAS team typically researched and undertook pre-vetting of properties within 2 to 3 working days and an accompanied viewing within 1 working week. Move In was usually completed within 14-17 working days from first instruction.

Early feedback from the PAs led Central Services to conclude:

  • Their PAs found the process simple, straight-forward and easy to administer.
  • They were no longer processing a large number of different invoices, chasing accounts to make immediate payments to Landlords to secure property and chasing their principals for their expense claims so they could bill their client.
  • The Fixed Fee meant that the client knew the exact accommodation fee which was being charged to a particular cost centre and this meant that Purchase Orders had no variations which ensured fast payments.
  • MYTAS removed fears and concerns about rogue Landlords and Letting Agents being engaged by the firm, by using an inexperienced PA.
  • MYTAS service delivery resulted in savings of 28% of direct accommodation costs over 6 months compared to the previous period.
  • Central Services realised their aspiration to control costs and they could easily monitor all property, all bookings, case notes and costs through the MYTAS Management Portal.
  • Property Standards and appropriate service level standards were consistently applied resulting in reduced internal tensions through accommodation comparisons.
  • Dilapidation claims were simplified and reduced.
  • The guests felt welcomed and supported during their stay.
  • Guests had immediate access to Broadband with little or no delay.
  • The firm was now using the MYTAS team to provide shorter stay accommodation through Serviced Accommodation to create a seamless booking, billing and MI experience.

With an all-inclusive fixed monthly price accommodation from the private rented sector, the firm was able to concentrate on their core competencies, allowing MYTAS to drive direct and indirect savings whilst delivering an exceptional customer experience ensuring flexibility and maximum choice for their employees.

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The Macintosh grew up, however two Klingons laughed extremely easily, but Pluto mostly lamely tastes one cat...

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